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Useful Links

Singapore Government Websites

Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an agency under the Ministry of National Development (MND), championing the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. “Built environment” refers to buildings, structures and infrastructure in our surroundings that provide the setting for the community’s activities.

The Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA) is administered by the Commissioner of Buildings of the BCA. The “Strata Living in Singapore – A General Guide” is a guide published by BCA to assist laypersons (owners) in understanding the key provisions in the BMSMA. The guide covers basic information on strata living to facilitate better management of strata developments.

Please note that the contents of Chapter 11 of the above guide have been updated (as at 31 Jan 2019) and can be downloaded at this link.

Community Mediation Centre (CMC)

The Community Mediation Centre (CMC) provides mediation services to residents in Singapore who face social, relational and community disputes. Full-time public service officers of the Ministry of Law manage the administration of mediation cases, management of volunteer mediators, publicity and outreach work as well as other administrative matters.

Mediation at CMC is a confidential dispute resolution process. A trained mediator will facilitate discussion between the disputing parties with the objective of reaching mutually acceptable solutions.

Ministry of Law (MinLaw)

The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) formulates and reviews legal, intellectual property, land, insolvency, public trustee, moneylending, pawnbroking, legal aid and community mediation policies, as well as legislation and strategies under MinLaw's purview. It also provide legal and policy input for other Ministries' proposed Bills and programmes.

The Land Titles (Strata) Act (LTSA) comes under the purview of MinLaw.

Ministry of National Development (MND)

Together with its statutory boards, the Ministry of National Development (MND) guides Singapore’s land use planning and urban development, delivers affordable and quality public housing solutions, develops an efficient construction industry to ensure a quality and sustainable built environment, provides and manages parks and open spaces, maintains a high standard of food safety as well as animal and plant health, and protects consumer interest by raising the professionalism in the real estate agent industry.

The Strata Titles Boards is provided for in the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA), which comes under the ambit of the MND.

Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law whose mission is to optimise land resources for the economic and social development of Singapore.

As the statutory board of MinLaw, the SLA facilitates the administration of the Land Titles (Strata) Act which is under MinLaw’s purview.

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is Singapore's national land use planning authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development (MND). URA is responsible for land-use planning, development control, urban design, building conservation, land sales, and carpark management. URA prepares long term strategic plans, as well as detailed local area plans, for physical development, and then co-ordinates and guides efforts to bring these plans to reality.



Association of Property and Facility Managers

The Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) was formed in 1995 to promote and maintain the standard and practice of Property and Facility Management. It aims to develop uniformity in the standard and practice of Property and Facility Management, especially for managing agents under the Land Titles (Strata) Act. One of its key objectives is to establish a professional code of conduct and practice.

Singapore Government Website

SINGOV is the official online communication platform and repository of the Singapore Government. Users will be able to locate important information on the latest policy announcements and search for contact information of public service agencies.

Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers (SISV)

The Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers (SISV) secures the advancement and facilitates the acquisition of that knowledge which constitutes the professions of Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Valuation and General Practice Surveying.

The SISV promotes the general interests of the profession and strives to maintain and improve its usefulness for the benefit of the public. SISV also regulates and improves the standards of professional conduct and practice of its members.

Singapore Mediation Centre

The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), which comes under the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), is a not-for-profit organisation providing mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. Construction disputes account for about 40% of the cases that SMC handles.

Singapore Statutes Online

The Singapore Statutes Online is a legal research tool which offers access to the full text of all current Acts of Singapore. Updated on a monthly basis, the service is provided by the Attorney-General's Chambers and the Ministry of Finance.


REACH was set up in October 2006 as part of the restructuring plans for the Feedback Unit to move beyond gathering public feedback, and to become the lead agency for engaging and connecting with citizens.