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A case in the Strata Titles Boards commences when an Applicant files an application. A person who files an application is known as the Applicant and his/her application is filed against the person known as the Respondent.

The proceedings at Strata Titles Boards consist of 4 main stages:

  1. Application: The Applicant will file an application against the Respondent.
  2. Mediation: All parties (Applicant and Respondent) are required to attend mediation session(s) fixed by the Board. The matter may stop at mediation if parties resolve the dispute at that stage.
  3. Hearing: If the matter cannot be resolved at the mediation stage, the Board will give directions to the parties to prepare for a hearing and fix the hearing date.
  4. Post-hearing: The Board’s orders is binding on parties and may be enforced at the Singapore State Courts.

Please refer to Application, Mediation, Hearing, Post-hearing for the detailed information on procedure at each stage.

If you are intending to file an application relating to disputes under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (“BMSMA”), you may wish to use our pre-filing assessment tool to go through some important points you should consider before making your application. Click here to access the tool.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To reduce visits to the Strata Titles Boards office amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, please send in the soft copies of your application form to for checking first. After your application has been accepted, instructions on making payment of the application fee and the submission of the hard copies of your application will be given.