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Applications under Part VA of the Land Titles (Strata) Act

What are the rules that I should note when attending sessions at the Strata Titles Boards?
Please note that:
  1. Any mode of digital recording is strictly prohibited - no cameras, video recorders and/or any other electronic recording devices are allowed to be used during the session;
  2. Mobile phones should be switched off before the session commences;
  3. No food is allowed in the mediation/hearing room;
  4. Visitors dressed in inappropriate attire (e.g. singlets, shorts and slippers) will not be permitted to enter the mediation/hearing room; and
  5. Any person who wilfully disrupts a session will be ordered to leave the room.
What is considered “appropriate attire” for the purpose of attending sessions at the Strata Titles Boards?
Examples of “appropriate attire” include formal wear, smart casual wear and traditional attire. Visitors dressed in singlets, shorts, slippers or other inappropriate attire will not be permitted to enter the room.
Where can I find out more on en-bloc procedures?
You can visit our website at and read up more under “Application”.

You can also see “Part VA – Collective Sale of Property” under the Land Titles (Strata) Act.
Do I need to engage a lawyer to represent me at mediation?
It is up to you to decide if legal representation is needed.
How many mediations will be conducted and what happen if there is no resolution?
Pursuant to section 84A(6A) of the LTSA, the Board shall mediate matters in dispute to achieve a resolution.

If at the end of 60 days starting from 1st mediation date or mediation has proceeded as far as it reasonably can but failed to resolve the dispute, whichever first occurs, with one or more of the objections not withdrawn, the Board shall order a discontinuance of all proceedings by way of a Stop Order.

The matter will then proceed to High Court for determination.
Do I have to pay to file an objection?
How can a minority owner file an objection to an en-bloc sale?
Under the Land Titles (Strata) Act, a minority owner may lodge an objection to the en-bloc sale within 21 days of the Notice of Proposed Application to the Strata Titles Boards served on him/her by the authorised representatives of the Sales Committee. 6 copies of the Forms 24 (PDF, 114 KB) or 25 (PDF, 116 KB) (Objection filed by a subsidiary proprietor) and supporting documents should be filed to the Board.

Forms 24 and 25 can be downloaded under Resources.
When is the deadline for filing of objections?
According to section 84A(4) of the LTSA, you have 21 days from the date on which the Notice of Proposed Application to the Strata Titles Board (Form 27 (PDF, 119 KB)) is served on you.
What information must I have to attach to Forms 24 or 25 (objection filed under Section 84A/E/FA by an individual)? How detailed must the information be?
A unit owner who wishes to object to an en-bloc sale has to furnish his particulars in Forms 24 (PDF, 114 KB) or 25 (PDF, 116 KB), which can be downloaded under Resources. In addition, all information which he feels is relevant to his case should be listed in a logical order in an annex attached to the form. 6 copies of the documents referred to should also be given to the Board.
Can a minority owner object in person? Does he have to be represented by a lawyer?
Parties may represent themselves or choose to be represented by a lawyer or such other person as the Board may allow.
What happens after I have filed my objections?
The case officer will extend a copy of your objection to the Applicants’ lawyer in accordance with paragraph 12 of the First Schedule of the LTSA.

After the deadline for filing of objections is up, the case officer will write to the relevant parties on the proposed constitution of a Board and subsequently inform parties when to appear before the Board for mediation.