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About Us

Who Are We

The Strata Titles Boards are tribunals established under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA) to mediate and hear applications between subsidiary proprietors and management corporation, or between subsidiary proprietors, in matters relating to certain disputes arising in respect of strata titled property and orders for collective sales of property under the Land Titles (Strata) Act.

Common disputes brought before the Boards include those on inter-floor water leakages, performance or failure to perform certain duties under the BMSMA or by-laws, applications to convene meetings or invalidate resolutions passed by the management corporations, car parking woes, complaints with regards to alterations to common property, applications to revoke or invalidate certain by-laws, supply of information by management corporation, or management corporation requesting to enter an apartment to carry out particular work.

As a neutral tribunal, the Strata Titles Boards does not advise one party against the other nor provide legal advice on any matter which may potentially be heard before it.

Organisation Structure

Board Members

The Strata Titles Boards consists of board members, including the President and Deputy Presidents. These board members are appointed by the Minister of National Development.

The President/Deputy President is a legally qualified person under the Legal Profession Act. Members of the Board comprises experienced practitioners in the building industry, who are accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, property consultants and quantity surveyors.

Each time an application is filed, a panel is formed to hear the matter. The President will assign professionals who are best suited to deal with the matter to be on a panel.


The President and Deputy President(s) are assisted by the Registrar of Strata Titles Boards who has the power to hear interlocutory applications.

The Registry team is supported by registry staff (case officers) who assists with the filing and scheduling of the proceedings. The Registry is not able to give legal advice or help parties decide what to include in their submissions to the Strata Titles Boards.

Ministry of National Development

The BMSMA and its subsidiary legislations comes under the purview of the Ministry of National Development (MND). As part of MND’s responsibility to provide services to the community, the Strata Titles Boards were established under the BMSMA. The Act is administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which comes under the purview of MND.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

A world class and respectable tribunal built on Society’s Trust and for Betterment of community living

Our Mission

Serving the community by facilitating and reconciling all disputes effectively & expeditiously Through our Best endeavours

Our Core Values

  • Service to the public

  • Transparent and impartial

  • Building trust and upholding cohesiveness in strata living